Game Of Thrones: S5E06 – Unbowed,Unbent,Unbroken

I want to talk Game of Thrones and THAT scene last night but first a little history.

Yes I have read all of the books and yes I had read them before the TV Series. Does this actually affect my enjoyment? No. Although the TV series has been mostly faithful, this seasons deviations are welcome. The later books were a little….slow. I enjoyed them but they were nowhere near as good as the earlier ones. I’m happy to consume this version of the story alongside the books as an alternative version of events.

So, to quote Ramsey Snow Bolton “If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention”. The fuss about this episode comes from the final scene with Ramsey and Sansa. If you haven’t yet seen it, this is your last warning as…DUH…spoilers!

Still here? Sure you have seen it? Fine. From a purely scoreboard perspective, weddings haven’t exactly been fun and frolics in Game of Thrones so I am not entirely sure why anyone expected anything different. Now combine Ramsey with a wedding and a vulnerable Sansa stark and you end up with last night’s attack. It wasn’t shown but was implied and heard, which is still horrific viewing. In the book this was Jeyne Poole’s fate when she was impersonating Arya, thankfully the show didn’t give us a hundredth of what that poor girl went through. No, I’m not comparing and saying Jeyne has it worse…

It didn’t happen in the book is something I keep hearing, but let’s be honest it’s an adaptation from the book. If you want to argue, it sort of happened in the book just not to Sansa. Jeyne Poole doesn’t exist in the TV show so the ripple affect of a missing character from Season 1 rippled to this in Season 5. I’d also like to know if people have been watching the same show for the last 5 seasons? It is unfair, it is horrible, it is NOT a nice setting. I’m not saying it’s right and no doubt someone is going to call me an apologist but I’m viewing the episode through its own setting and the era that GOT is based upon, this was sadly commonplace.

If you feel the need to walk away because this scene offended you then that is your choice. Here is another option, continue to enjoy a program you clearly like (you are 5 seasons in after all) but open a dialogue on the subject. Bring such matters to the forefront, allow popular culture to open a subject matter that is still taboo.

Ramsey Bolton

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