Tribute to Grandma

This is tribute reading I gave at my Grandma’s funeral

The last time that this much of Kath’s family were all in the same room, was my Wedding day in 2012, a day which Grandma massively enjoyed and was a big part of, I think she secretly enjoyed the attention of getting her hair and makeup done in the morning, and also fussing round making sure me and the bridesmaids were all fed and watered!

It has to be said, that the last year of grandma’s life has been difficult for all of us, seeing her poorly in the hospital, and then becoming unable to walk, and making the sad decision to move into a care home away from grandad.

Having said that, it was all made so much easier by the wonderful and amazing staff at Aspen Court, it is fair to say my grandma adored all of the staff (especially Sam) and repeatedly told anyone who would listen how happy and settled she was in their care. And we thank them so much from the bottom of our hearts for all they did.

Whilst I have been absolutely dreading this day since I was old enough to know what loss is, I am proud to stand here today and say that Kath was my grandma, actually, she was more than that, she was my second mum.

I prepared this poem to give you an idea about how she was as a grandma and how much she will be missed by us.

I remember the wrestling, the dolls and the treats,
The lottery, the scratch cards, gossiping on the street

Riding your bike, everywhere you would go,
Not very fast, you pedalled quite slow.

Shopping in Long Eaton each and every week,
Birds & Smiths, even if the weather was bleak

Also shopping in Sawley too,
The Bakery, the Co-op – they all knew you

Always telling Grandad what to do
He called you gaffer, his place, he knew!

If we wanted some sweets we could come to you,
In cupboards, drawers, jewellery box too

Extra Pocket Money, Grandad never knew
‘Refugee’ parcels, we could always rely on you.

Spoiling us all rotten and making mum complain
Not that you would listen, you would do it all again

Christmas time was special, you went overboard
On buying us presents, chocolates and more

As we’ve got older, things didn’t change
Along came Jordon, you were still the same.

So now it’s goodbye, and what can I say?
We will miss you Grandma, every single day.




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