Broadchurch: S3 E06

I’ll start with the warning SPOILERS AHEAD, but seriously…SPOILERS

Still here? Excellent, so this week’s Broadchurch was even more of a roller coaster of emotion than usual in no small part to the talented Andrew Buchan, who plays Mark Latimer. The opening and  ending scenes of the episode both belonging to Andrew.

For those that have never watched Broadchurch, Mark Latimer is the father of the boy murdered in Series 1, with the killer escaping justice during the trial and subsequently leaving broadchurch to make a new life elsewhere. Episode 6 opened with a dream sequence of Mark talking to his lad at the age he should be now, preparing for his exams to be rudely thrust into the truth of Mark sleeping rough in the back of his van  as he follows and prepares to confront the killer, Joe.

The build up to the episode previously showed Mark armed with a knife and you fully expect that Joe is going to be meeting his end in this episode. The sense of danger towards Joe’s character is palpable the entire episode which makes the curve ball at the end even more gruelling. From what we see and from his own words Mark knows [he] ” wants to punish Joe but is too weak to do it”

At the end of the episode we are privy to a phone call from Mark to his daughter Chloe where he tells her he is sorry and he tried his best for them all, Chloe knows something is up but Mark assures her that is fine. At least point you begin to wonder if he did indeed Kill Joe off camera but then you also noticed the sound of the waves and that sense of dread when you know exactly where he is before the camera cuts to exact same cliff where Danny was murdered.

We see Mark enter the sea from a boat and lay there waiting to drown, although we don’t see his death I’m fairly certain it’s a safe bet that the Latimers are about to lose another family member. The music is foreboding and Broadchurch isn’t exactly known for pulling it’s punches. As per usual, it leaves more questions, Is Mark actually dead? Did he manage to kill Joe before taking his own life?

Mark’s story isn’t the main case in this series however it was almost difficult to follow the main rape story line with Mark’s emotional roller coaster running parallel. In true Broadchurch/Crime drama fashion so far as far as I can tell everyone is still a suspect.

The main draw this week however was for Ed Burnett played by Lenny Henry who is currently getting a grilling from our very own DC Alex Hardy (David Tennant) and Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman).  Turns out ol’ Lenny is a bit of a stalker to Trish Winterman (Julie Hesmondhalgh) who was the first  highlighted rape victim. The evidence is stacking up against him, 5000 photos of Trish, sending her anonymous flowers, sitting outside her house and according to Trish’s ex husband sexually harassing her while she was at work. Since it came from the ex-husband I’m willing to take it with a pinch of salt since the man is up to something himself. I’m going to put money that he’s got key loggers on her laptop. I don’t think it’s Ed/lenny with 2 episodes to go but if it is I’ll never look at a premier inn the same way ever again. Since Ed doesn’t drink and Trish smelt alcohol I don’t believe it’s him.  Still, well played to Lenny Henry for getting creepy down so well.

I’ve not been a fan of Beth Latimer this season, the estranged wife of Mark. She’s a support worker for women in crises and has been assigned to Trish. Trish’s rape has bought forth historical offences with a similar pattern and one woman, Neera who refused to talk to the police. Despite being a support worker, although not for Neera, she took it upon herself to follow the poor woman down the street and berated her for not speaking to the police. Not exactly supporting there Beth.

So here’s my prediction, there is more than 1 attacker with the light being someone filming it on a camera phone. I’m still out on the rapist but that Taxi Driver Clive, definitely have something to do with it.

On a lighter note, I do not want Ellie Miller (Olivia Coleman) as my mother, she was fantastically terrifying smashing up that laptop and phone and putting her fathers bigoted opinions in their place. It’s been a fantastic show and I’m going to miss it when it finishes.


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