March Catch-up

Holy…..How is it actually March already? They say that time goes faster as you get older and since my wife recently reminded me I’m 33 and not 32 as I was absolutely adamant then I think i’m screwed.

I wanted to check in and write about various things that were on my mind, so this is probably more for my benefit that yours but enjoy anyway.

Fitness – Eugh, Fitness. It’s not going well. I’m still just under 18 Stone and although i’m moving my chunky backside a bit more, I still tend to snack a little too much while not paying attention. I can guarantee if there are some sweets on my desk or near me when I’m watching TV then those little buggers are gone without me realising.

I’m going to step it up again tonight and actually restart the NHS Couch to 5K program. Cathy bought me some running shoes for my birthday which was the end of January and they’ve not exactly had a lot of use….

Work – I kinda have that restless itch at work at the moment. I don’t have any particular gripe but thanks to the wonders of “on this day” from Facebook it seems that I always get restless this time of year. It’s possibly that lull after Christmas or perhaps it’s the fact reviews are always in April and I get placated by pay reviews! The wife unit normally tells me that I’m motivated by money 🙂

General – Looking at that work/restless itch, I could say it extends across my personal life as well. I can never quite decide what I want to do and treat most things with a casual interest. It’s not to say that I’m not happy but i’m certainly struggling to get behind something and get excited. I keep “flitting” between things to try and rouse some interest but it quickly drops off, Homelabbing and miniature painting to name but two. It’s that feeling you have after finishing a long but enjoyable book series and just can’t be bothered to start anything new.

D&D – I’m hoping to blog about this a little more in the next couple of weeks. I’ve not played role playing games properly for many, many years and just before Christmas I decided it would be a good idea to try and rope some people into playing some 5E. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to play but somehow I’ve roped 4 people in, including Cat, and now I actually need to run a game.

It’s taken a little while as personal circumstance has delayed the proposed game time, then the beast from the east decided to kill game night as well. Since we decided every 2 weeks to start with, it’s been a little bit of a slow starter.

With everything having settled down in the last two weeks and no horrific snow-pocalyses planned, we might actually start the game and I can pray I don’t inadvertently murder them in the first session after all the planning I’ve done!

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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