April Round Up

I’m sat here and suddenly realised we are over half way through April, so that must mean it’s time for a Status report:

Fitness – So, it was a little bit of a bumpy start after my last post and I went to 18 stone 2. I just couldn’t get into the couch to 5k Program from the NHS but there is progress.

Snacking has been 95% eliminated from my routine. Saturday is my designated “cheat” day but even then I’m keeping it to a bare minimum. This has had a nice impact and is actually getting easier the longer it goes on.

We’re also back at the gym! We’ve been a number of times but tonight the trainer has us to get measurements and start us on an active program.

On the good side, I’ve gone down to 17st 4lbs which is nearly an entire stone. I also managed to play squash again without murdering myself so..go me!

General – I’ve left the meh zone, that I’ve kind of been wallowing in. I’m concentrating on the gym and throwing myself into learning as much as I can about running D&D. Without too much detail, this year is the year that alot of loose ends are getting cleared up and each one just feels like a massive weight from my mind. It’s kind of the feeling where you’re sat in the starting blocks and just itching to run. The plan is a nice large holiday at the end of they year so that goal also helps!

D&D  – Speaking of D&D, the first 2 sessions have gone well and I think i’m settling into it. had to cancel this weeks due to illness but it just means I get a week off prep since I’ve already done it!

I’ve got a couple of posts half finished so I’ll aim to finish these up in the next few days and regal you with more of my mundane thoughts.


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