Quarterly Review

With April halfway through I suppose now is as good as time as any to review what’s happening and what’s planned.

Amusingly, I just noticed I did the same thing last March and it’s appalled me that some things haven’t been sorted yet…

Once again, this is more therapy for me that you, but hey, you’re welcome to read.

Fitness: So I’m back at the gym making steady progress. Not as much as I’d like to be making but since I’m a chunky monkey at heart I’m generally happy to be eating less and moving more. Couch to 5k just didn’t work for me, likely because last year when I tried it, it was BLOODY FREEZING!

Work –  So, it seems last year I felt a little bit of a restless itch, but going back it seems March always seems to make me a little restless. But hey, something unthinkable happened last year. I changed jobs!

The story however isn’t really that simple, I went to work at the head office of a large retail based company as a technical analyst. I never truly settled it seems and the blame lies partially with me and partially with my employer. Subsequent conversastions have them realising I wasn’t being utilised correctly which lead to my unhappiness and in truth, I don’t think I truly wanted to integrate.

So what happened? I went back to my old employer in a new role! It’s like I took a three month sabatical and everyone else apparantly knew “I’d be back”. It’s nice of them to have told me after the event 🙂 Mrs C is glad I tried but even she could see that, for now, my current employer in my spiritual home.

General – Generally, I’m at a bit of a loss. Alot of loose ends are being tied up this year both in general and financially.So I’ve hit the realisation that I was content enough while these things were being resolved but now I’m starting to feel a little bit frustrated. Regular readers would know that we’ve struggled to have kids and in my mind I’ve rationalised alot of it as “it’s not the right time”. With those reasons being removed, I’m being forced to face those issues without that safety net of rationalisation.

Leisure – I’ve been getting into D&D a bit more, I wish I could remember stuff as easily as I used to be able to but I’m hoping once I’m a bit better with the fitness, then the mental quickness will also return. At the moment it’s still a little cloudy. We’re going to be taking my nephew to hockey lessons on monday night and this seems to be excellent cramming time. It’s hard work but I do enjoy it. I do admit however I’m probably spending too much time on my pc achieving not alot.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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