About Me

I consider myself to be a Twenty-something sarcastic gitThirty something Sarcastic git. In truth I was I was an evil super villian but sadly I am too nice for such spangly spandex dreams!

Geeklish was born from a desire to share those things that make us chuckle, those things that make us go “we understand your pain fellow geeks”

The name derives from geek and english (DUH!), Geeklish was a running joke when trying to explain something to those who are not “Geeks” in their field. The magic balance between Geek knowledge and analogies for the non expert.

This is my main home and you may find my gibberings elsewhere on the internet, however it will normally be linked back from here!

I can be found at contact@geeklish.co.uk

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  1. Well Spotted……and please do not question the sexuality of the about us page….It will get very upset…

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